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All rates are subject to change at any time. All rates include a billing processing fee (~5% of fare) and a $6.00 surcharge (made up of $2.00 airport fee, $4.00 fuel surcharge)

All rates stated DO NOT include an expected gratuity. The standard gratuity is 15% on airport fares and 20% on all other specialty services.

City (To or From) O'Hare Airport Midway Airport
Car Type No Pref No Pref Limo Limo No Pref Limo Limo
Shared/Private Shared Private Private Private Private Private Private
Passengers 1 1-3 1-6 7 or 8 1 1-6 7 or 8



Please contact GNT Limousine for our most current rates!


Additional Charges

Extra Passengers $10 Each
Small Children, Golf Clubs, Skis, Extra Luggage Private Car
Extra Stop adjacent suburb $15 Additional
4am to 5am, 10pm to Midnight $15 Additional
Midnight to 4am $30 Additional
Security or Luggage meets $35 Additional
Gate Meet (Security measures may prevent) $35 Additional

NO SHOWS or orders not cancelled within two hours of scheduled pick up time will be charged/billed at FULL FARE

Waiting Time: applied 15 minutes after scheduled pick-up time at $1.00/minute or $60.00 per hour